3 Tips for Adding Social Media Into Your Destination Marketing Plan

Smiling woman on a beach

Using social media to market dream destination activities and services is a great idea. For you, social media can be such a great tool because it’s all about pictures, and posting pictures of beautiful exotic places draws people in. Thinking about some of these steps will help you maximize your social media marketing’s potential.

Establish Your Customer’s Personas

One of the first steps you should take when it comes to marketing your destination services is to think carefully about your customers . Are the activities you do geared mainly towards young families? Young professionals? Students? School groups? As you think carefully about the specific audiences that you are trying to resonate with, it will become easier to figure out the best marketing strategies to use.

Post Consistent Content

As you start to tailor your target audience, you’ll be able to gear your content towards them more specifically. But even with good content, you aren’t likely to make a lot of headway with your social media if you don’t post consistently. Posting consistently is very important to help draw authentic leads to your business .

When users stumble upon your content from various methods, there should be enough content to scroll through to convince them that your account is worth following. If they do decide to follow you, make sure that you keep delivering regular great content so they stay.

Make Quality Content

As an expert in the tourism industry in your particular area, you have a wealth of knowledge that could be incredibly beneficial to prospective travelers. Figure out a way to take that knowledge and produce content that maximizes it. As you think about the different activities or spots you want to post about, consider what the right medium is to do so.

For incredibly beautiful beaches or hikes, you should lean towards pictures or videos to draw users in visually. For tips and tricks on maneuvering a city that is less than car-friendly, you might want to post a slide deck.

As you figure out your social media marketing approach, incorporating these ideas will help you get off the ground. But continue to keep careful tabs on your different metrics to know how things are going and which things are working. Having this data will help you pivot quickly and jump on new opportunities.