4 Advantages that Google Reviews Have For Your Attraction

If you’re running a business, you need to be in control of your reputation online.

Potential customers can check out a business in seconds on their smartphone. With online reviews affecting nearly 68% of purchase decisions, it’s important for you to get your online review strategy right.

And the best place to start is with a positive set of Google reviews to showcase your attraction.

Here are 4 advantages of Google reviews that you simply can’t ignore if you’re looking to boost your reputation online.

Makes Your Business More Popular

No one goes into business to be unpopular, so building up reviews online can act as a loop of positive publicity for your attraction.

If you’re delivering good customer service, great products or offering a great overall service, and customers are commenting on it in their reviews, you’re going to draw others in.

Ultimately, you’re in business to make money. Building an organic set of 4 or 5-star reviews can increase your profits by bringing in customers who shop with you, based on your online reputation.

Improves Visibility and SEO

Google places a high value on the experience of its users. If you’re a business with good Google reviews, you’re demonstrating your value and Google will reward you with better search results for local search keywords.

Better visibility and better SEO for your website are added bonuses to draw in more customers. The higher your business ranks, the more likely your customers will turn to you than any of your competitors.

You’ll need a free Google My Business account to be able to take advantage. You can find out more about setting one of these up here.

Free and Useful Way to Boost Other Marketing

Reviews on Google are a great tie-in to other marketing you employ, and they’re completely free. This means you can spend your advertising revenue elsewhere while using the reviews to demonstrate the trust and value your attraction has.

If you’re buying Google Adsense ads, you can reference your average customer review score, for instance. The same method can be applied to social media marketing, where you can use a positive reputation to target new customers.

If you’re thinking about using social media to boost your visibility, check out how you can refine a social media campaign to work for your business.

Gives You The Chance to Interact With Customers

Of course, it isn’t just about publicity. You can use reviews from Google to help you interact with your customers in a way that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere.

Dropping a reply to a positive (or negative) review can show that you care about the opinion of your customers. You can address complaints head on, and if you feel any reviews are unfair, you can challenge them (constructively, of course!).

Reviews can make or break an attraction’s reputation. By interacting with your customers through review replies, you can show you’re not afraid to fix any problems that occur, and do so publicly.

Use Google Reviews for a Better Business Reputation

When somebody searches for your business, you want to convert them into paying customers. A marketing strategy that takes advantage of positive reviews from Google can set you apart from your competitors so you can do just that.

And with Google reviews costing you absolutely nothing, even the smallest local business can take advantage!

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