4 Tips For Marketing For Valentine’s Day Travel & Bookings

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Photographer: Christopher Burns | Source: Unsplash

We know you probably just got out of your post-holidays haze and it may seem too quick to jump into Valentine’s Day material, but when it comes to digital marketing, it’s better to be early than late. It’s time to start planning on how you can market your tour, attraction, or destination to couples looking to add some spice to their Valentine’s Day. Here are 4 tips for marketing for Valentine’s day travel & bookings!

1. Highlight Benefits Of Picking Your Travel Package, Couple Tour, Etc.

If your tourism business has a travel package or tour designed for a couple (bonus points if it’s romantic), capitalize on it! Highlight your tour or product on the main page of your website, create social media ads, utilize email marketing, and more. When marketing your product, talk about the benefits of booking with your business and what sets you apart from your competition.

2. Add Value & Raise The Price Instead Of Discount Offers

One way to attract customers is by adding special comps to their experience. Try and see if you can partner with other vendors or tour operators to add in extra perks that will help you sell. It could be something as simple as a complimentary bottle of wine, or even a complimentary limo pick-up! The goal of doing this is to make the tour feel special, and it doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of time and money on it. Be creative when coming up with your “perks”.

3. Avoid Being “salesy”

No one likes feeling like they’re interacting with a pushy salesman. Like mentioned before, highlight the benefits of booking with your business and treat them as a person and not just another customer. You can accomplish this by personalizing their booking process and amazing customer service!

4. Don’t Only Focus On Selling Your Biggest Product

Be inclusive! There are couples with all sorts of budgets. Make tours or offers for all price ranges. If your booking software has the capability (we recommend PeekPRO), include “add-ons” during the booking process to upsell your tours, destination, or attraction. That way, customers are able to customize their experience to where it fits in their budget. If you’re only focused on selling your biggest offer, you will be missing out on other bookings & customers.

A Valentine’s Day travel or tour experience is one of the best gifts for couples! So try implementing these tips in your marketing campaign, and make it an unforgettable Valentine’s Day for your customers. If you need help with reaching your audience and getting more bookings, that’s where AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros comes in. We are digital marketing experts in the tourism industry, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have and to get more customers through your door. Contact us today to get started!