5 Digital Marketing Trends To Apply To Your Tourism Business in 2020




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1. Online Booking

According to a study done by Adobe Digital Insights, online revenue growth for the travel industry is expected to hit $98.02 billion. Nielsen Research has also found that travelers spend an average of 53 days visiting 28 different websites. To take advantage of this, websites should be user-friendly, updated frequently, and have the capability of online bookings and reservations.

2. Personalization

A Study conducted by American Express had shown that 83% of millennials that had participated in the study would allow travel brands to track their digital patterns if it meant it would help provide them with a more personalized experience. Respondents of the study had voiced that they believed customized itineraries are more desirable than general offerings. So how can you implement this information into your business and marketing tactics? Investing in Big Data will provide advanced data metrics that will make it easier to track visitors across different platforms. By utilizing the data gathered, your company will be able to create personalized marketing strategies.

3. Voice Searching Technology

Voice searching technology has been successful and will continue to gain in popularity with the rise of smart speakers. According to SEO expert, Neil Patel, a significant number of voice searches are phrased as questions and often involve a location. To take advantage of this technology, it is important to predict what questions your potential customers might be searching and incorporate that into your website and meta descriptions. Also, make sure that you are including information about your surroundings as well.

4. Digital Travel Content

Expedia had conducted a study that had found that digital travel content has a growth rate of 41% in the US. With the constant growth of social media, travel content has become widely consumed. Producing high-quality content for your attraction or tour has the opportunity to be organically shared through social media channels, which will help increase your online presence and spread brand awareness.

5. Increase in Digital Ad Spending

In a perfect world, your digital content would be enough to expand your brand awareness. Unfortunately, with the constantly changing algorithms and ad-heavy social media platforms, it is not that simple. ADI found that 38% of travelers were influenced by advertising when considering more than one destination. Also, E-Marketer predicts that hoteliers will increase their digital marketing budgets to grow consumer awareness. When looking at your 2020 marketing campaigns, make sure to take this information into consideration and invest in your digital and social media advertisements.

Navigating through the digital marketing world while also running your tourism business can sometimes become difficult. However, applying these tactics and trends will help the digital presence and brand awareness of your business. Here at AAMP Agency, we offer marketing, promotion, and response services that will help your business grow! Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.