5 Ways to Improve Your Attraction’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

When it comes to succeeding as an attraction, you better be using what 96% of the global marketplace used in 2015: Social media marketing.

Perhaps your attraction’s social media marketing strategy could use some work. Fear not! Here are 5 quick and easy ways to improve your social media campaigns to gain more clients and cash in on more revenue.

1. Use Your Blog

Your website may have a blog, but do you have content flowing from that blog?

Truth is, you need to give your audience long-term content for ultimate engagement. You can mention other people, businesses, products, and apps relevant to your niche and, in turn, they could refer to you.

By adding social media buttons and linking to blog posts through social platforms, you create an enriched experience for your followers. Not only do they see your normal social media content, now they see value in those posts too.

Using this simple tip will more than double the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy.

2. Infographics For the Win

These are detailed, data-rich images that act as a visualization of a story. They inform, build awareness, and serve as tremendous engaging content. In short, infographics are necessary to include in your social media marketing strategy.

The fact that you’re giving your audience a bunch of information fast and in a neat, compact way, shows how much you value them. This will be reciprocated later on, in the form of purchasing products or services.

Use one of the many online infographic makers to instantly increase traffic.

3. Video & Audio

In a world where attention is fleeting, adding another sensation to your image-based content is crucial. Adding audio or music to a social media story or putting up an original video will catch your audience’s eyes.

Examples of rich audio content include spoken testimonials, messages from CEOs, background music, and podcasts. These will all affect your followers’ thoughts, bodies, and actions.

4. Must-Have Content Calendars

Scheduling posts ahead of time is absolutely necessary, for consistency and sanity purposes. Nothing is more stressful than haphazardly piecing together a post that’s supposed to go up in three minutes.

Break free of being behind on social media posts by establishing a content calendar. Find an online template, organize your various pieces of content, and plan promotional campaigns on multiple social platforms.

Now isn’t that easier?

5. Engage Your Brand with Millennials

Lastly, and most vital, know your audience. Social media = Millennials, for the most part. They have different values compared to previous generations, so be wary of this.

Build your brand, as well as your social media content, around causes younger people truly care about. It’s actually quite easy: Millennials always want to be part of the conversation, so they voice their opinions and thoughts exactly where you post your content. Use there concerns and questions as fuel for your social media marketing strategy.

Make mobile access simple, give them clear images, and set them up with obvious products and services Millennials can comprehend. This leads to more engagement and sales.

Use These Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Hopefully, now you have a good trick or two up your sleeve to use in your next social media post. Bookmark these five ways to increase social media traffic for future reference. Once you implement them, your social media marketing strategy will be optimized for profits!

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