7 Ideas for Social Media Content For Your Tour or Attraction

7 Ideas for Social Media Content For Your Tour or Attraction
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Are you having trouble creating new content for your social media? Thinking of content for your social media can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’re doing it by yourself. It takes a great sense of creativity and effort to continuously pump out new content that won’t seem repetitive or make your followers bored. Even as a tourist destination owner, there’s only so much that you can think of.

It can be difficult, especially if you’re making posts several times a week. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 7 social media ideas for you to try that will help you come up with fun and engaging content to use for your tour or attraction! Improve your social media presence and, in turn, you will improve your public image and the amount of exposure you will get. We’ve been able to test these ideas with many of our clients, so we suggest trying some of them yourself.

1. Share Moments of Visitors

What ultimately makes people want to go to an attraction is seeing other people having fun at it! Take pictures of your guests and visitors and share their photos and experiences on social media. Not only do they get to see themselves have fun, but other people can see how much fun they’re having as well!

You can also create a fun hashtag for it. Make your visitors feel involved with your attraction, and it’ll drive more people to come. This is a fun and interactive way to help your social media thrive!

2. Do a Contest or Giveaway

This idea is a bit trickier, but the pay off can be amazing! People love contests and giveaways because they get the chance to win free stuff and who doesn’t like free stuff? The trick is to provide a prize that’s worth playing for and a method of entering the contest that isn’t too bothersome. Make the conditions too steep, and no one will take part in the contest.

For example, you could give away free tickets an event your hosting and, to enter, they would have to tag somebody that they would go with. It’s an easy way to enter the contest with a great prize worth playing for. Maybe you could give away a gift card that they can use at your attraction. Get creative with it and cater it to your brand!

3. Do a Live Video

Facebook Live Video

Now, if you haven’t utilized this tool on Facebook, you should. Live videos are exactly what they sound like: real-time videos on Facebook. They are interactive and make the viewer more likely to like your page or post a comment. Live videos are successful because they make the viewer involved in the filming process.

You can do Facebook live videos of events that you’re hosting, of the inside of your school, or of a sweepstakes that you’re conducting. The possibilities are really endless with Facebook live videos. There are a multitude of different ways to use them!

One company that does it really well is Starbucks. They use Facebook live to promote community or social events their company hosts such as this one they did back in 2016 for Voter Registration. Use Facebook live as a marketing tool when coming up with ideas.

4. Holiday-Specific Posts

There are a multitude of different holidays that you can talk about on your social media. Of course, there are the big holidays that everybody celebrates like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween. But there are so many lesser known holidays that you can choose to celebrate or post about! A simple yet efficient site for holidays is Holiday Insights, which provides a list of well-known and not so well-known holidays.

And many of these holidays may or may not apply to you! If you’re a pizza shop, then there’s really no reason for you to celebrate margarita day on your attraction’s page. But the ones that do can help inspire social media posts or even help you create promotionals and deals. There’s a holiday out there for anything and everything. Even if your followers don’t know about the holiday, seeing a post or promotional about it will spark their interests regardless.

5. Show “Behind the Scenes”

Every attraction or business has a public image to manage, but it’s always nice to give a “behind the scenes” look at the lives of the workers. In fact, many attractions base their entire social media content based solely on behind the scenes content. There are several different kinds of posts that show what’s happening behind the curtain.

First, funny posts of your work place. Everyone has a sense of humor, why not show it on your Facebook page? Second, progress posts that show how a project is going. Third, casual posts that just give snapshots of the lives of your employees. Remember, people love seeing an attraction business that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

6. Social Media Exclusive Deals

Every social media platform has a way for you to promote products or deals. Use it to your advantage! There a ton of different ways to promote deals that can only be found on social media. If they can only find these deals on your social media, then they’re more likely to come back to the page and show brand loyalty.

If they want more social media deals, they’ll have to pay attention to your page and actively look for these deals!

7. Jump on the Bandwagon

This one will take a bit of effort, but if you’re regularly on social media then it will seem effortless! Jumping on the bandwagon means to join in on a movement or trend that is popular at the moment. Social media trends are constantly changing, so you have to really be paying attention to capitalize on it. But it’s a fun and easy way to get attention for your Facebook page and show that your attraction is fun and relevant!

The beauty of social media is its versatility and efficiency! For attractions and tourist destinations, it’s free advertisement! These ideas should help create interesting and engaging content for your social media. And if you need additional help, contact us here at iWerx!