7 Tips for Creating Content for Your Tourism Business

Over the years, technology has taken drastic strides in helping entrepreneurs thrive in the digital world. Today, almost all businesses take advantage of sharing content online in order to promote their products or services.

However, quality content creation isn’t just purchasing expensive equipment and immediately getting results. Content creation is about finding the right audience for your product/service, engaging with your audience, and learning how to find the right content that will convert them into sales.

The tourism sector is one of the most saturated industries in business. With this, every entrepreneur must master creating the right content for their audience in order to stand out among their competitors.

Let’s take a more in depth look at how to create the best content for your audience.

1. Plan what you need to do.

In any activity, planning is the initial step to ensure success. When planning, always note what you need (e.g. equipment, subject, etc.), when to do it, and how to do it.

Some helpful questions to ask yourself during the planning stage:

  • Will this content target the right audience?
  • Will my subject promote organic growth for my business?
  • Who will benefit from this content?
  • What message do I want to convey in this content?
  • Which platform(s) will help me best relay my message?

2. Choose and prepare the right team for your work.

Some entrepreneurs mistakenly splurge on good equipment in hopes it’ll automatically give them the best results. However, a large portion of success comes more from having the right people on your team than the right equipment.

Investing in the right team plays a crucial role in creating good content. Prepare your team by being transparent about your expectations from them. Knowing your goals as a group will minimize mistakes and delays. Allow them to be themselves behind the work, but don’t forget to guide them too.

3. Learn more about your subject.

Whether you are going in for a photography or videography session, make sure to learn as much as you can about your subject before beginning. Once you determine which angle to best approach your subject and the best way to showcase your subject aesthetically, the details of the shoot will become easier to tackle.

Some helpful tips for capturing your content:

  • Capture candid moments. Candid moments highlight your tour/service in a genuine manner that audiences will respond to.
  • Include “emotional” content or content your audience can relate to in order to promote organic engagement.
  • Be meticulous with the details. Use the content that best highlights your subject’s uniqueness.
  • Incorporate rawness into your content. Raw content will give your tourism business more credibility.
  • Take more footage than you need. You’ll never know when you’ll need more options.

4. Shoot at the right time.

A big part of finding success in the adventure tourism industry is making your audience believe your service/experience is a must-see, tourist destination – so choosing the right time and weather conditions to shoot is critical.

When planning to create content, make sure the weather is stable and ideal. Also, try to make sure you have an even light source in front of your subject to prevent unflattering shadows.

5. Edit carefully.

Be meticulous in your editing, but try not to overdo it. While your content should look professional, the best content provides rawness and candor.

Choose to incorporate lively and engaging music into your videos to help make them easy to remember, or add a culturally relevant reference to your photos to help them break into trending hashtags.

Fun Tip: For professional videos, your music track should have a repetitive beat every 1 to 4 seconds for best results.

6. Review your content before publishing.

It would be in your best interest to always do a thorough review of your work before publishing. If real customers are in your content, be sure to have their written permission before distributing their image all over your marketing/social media channels. Be careful with your captions and choice of words. Remember, once your content is published, it will be open to criticism for everyone to judge.

7. Analyze feedback.

Once you finish publishing your content, you can immediately begin analyzing your feedback. This last step will help you determine how engaging your content was and how beneficial it ended up being for your image overall. As you learn to better interpret your results, you will become more aware of the elements you need to improve.

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