8 Tips to Make your Tourism Business Instagram-worthy

Instagram is unique from other platforms because it is highly visual, making it a great platform for tourism business or attractions. There are certain things that your business can do to make it more Instagram-worthy, and you will see more engagement! Read on to find out more!

Why Does Instagram Matter?

Instagram has over 700 million monthly users, 80% of those who follow a business on their account, meaning it’s time for your business to be on there. Instagram is also the perfect opportunity for your business to reach your audience on a more personal and transparent level!

Steps to Make your Business Insta-Worthy

Create a Business Profile

First things first – create a business profile instead of a personal account. Make sure to include your business’s name (duh), a category, and create a brief description using your keywords! Don’t forget your website and location.

Put Your Brand Personality In It

An Insta-worthy business is one that gets engagement (comments, likes, tagged in posts, etc). To do that, your business is going to need a personality! Think of it like speed dating – they stop by your profile, and if you don’t come off as interesting they never call back. So, before posting, ask yourself – what is our brand personality? Is it funny, snarky, relaxing? Whatever it is, make sure it is consistent across all of your platforms and that it’s noticeable! If you need an example of a feed with a clear brand personality look at Intrepid Travel! Their brand voice is about being adventurous, and their feed & captions reflect that.

Develop an Aesthetic

Developing an aesthetic means setting a visual standard for things you post, and it should reflect your brand personality. To develop an aesthetic, come up with a color palette that al of your posts will follow. You can also use photo planning apps such as Planoly to arrange your photos and see what looks good before posting onto Instagram.

Hashtags and Locations

Using hashtags and geo-tagging locations will allow your business to have a wider audience reach. Use hashtags and location tags in every post! This will help your Instagram page become more discoverable by users, and help you connect with relevant followers in new areas. To take it one step further, come up with your hashtag and encourage customers and followers to use it! This is also a strategy in encouraging user-generated content (Read more about UGC here & here), which will, in turn, get your business free content!

High-Quality Visuals

Instagram is a visual platform, meaning your posts need to be high-quality! To get high-quality photos and videos, think about lighting, clarity, backgrounds, etc. Check out our blog on how to take good photos to learn more. One way your tourism business or attraction can ensure quality photos is to create a photo booth, that way you can ensure good lighting and a nice background. Customers coming to your attraction will also be more inclined to take a photo and tag your account!

Diversify Content

Keep your content interesting! Don’t keep posting photos of a happy customer in front of your business/attraction, your followers will get bored and you will have a hard time getting engagement. Here are some ideas of content to add to your mix:

• Videos

• Behind the Scenes

• Employee/Tour Guide Features

• Candid photos

• Tutorials

• Tip of the Day

Engage with Customers

Your followers will be more likely to engage with you if you also engage with them! Engaging with customers can be as simple as commenting on a post they’ve tagged your business in or re-posting them. Also, if you are going to re-post a customer, make sure to tag them in your post to increase engagement!

Promote Your Business

You didn’t make a business Instagram profile just to scroll and have fun with it! Make sure that at the end of the day, you are promoting your business or attraction. However, make sure you don’t come off as too “salesy”, look for creative approaches such as giveaways, contests, discount codes and more. Also remember to include a call to action such as “Learn more”, “tap the link in our bio”, “book now” etc.

Instagram is an amazing platform for promoting your tourism business or attraction! Follow our 8 tips to make your business Insta-worthy, and you will see an increase in engagement. If you need assistance, don’t worry because that is what the AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros destination marketing experts are here for. Contact us today with your questions, and we’ll get back to you!