10 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2020

10 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2020

Digital Marketing

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2020 has arrived, and with the new decade comes new digital marketing trends that your tourism business, attraction, or destination needs to get on board with. Don’t worry, we’ve done the dirty work of finding out what trends to look for, so just keep reading to find out which Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2020.

1. Interactive Content Marketing

Want to spice up your content and appeal to your audience? Using content to generate sales is nothing new. We’ve been doing it for years! However, instead of static content, it’s time to embrace interacting with your audience. You can do this by including things such as the following:

• Quizzes

• Polls and Surveys

• 360-degree videos

• Infographics

• Augmented Reality Ads

Interactive content works to grab the attention of the viewer, and then provide them with a value or experience, which is why interactive content works! While it does require some persuasion on your part to get viewers to participate, it will help in boosting your conversions.

2. Personalization

Personalization can apply to every aspect of the tourist experience, and today’s consumers have come to expect experiences that closely match their preferences. If an experience can be tailored to their expectations, the more likely they are to become a returning customer. Some examples of personalization in marketing are targeted ads, product & tour recommendations based on the viewers’ previous purchases, and personalized email subject lines & text.

3. Conversational Marketing

Today’s consumers are busy and expect speedy solutions, which is why conversational marketing will be an effective strategy this new year. Conversational marketing uses customer data to drive conversions, improve engagement, build customer loyalty and more. So what are the ways that your tourism business or attraction can incorporate this strategy?

• Live support

• Chatbots

• Loyalty Programs

• Email Marketing

• Artificial Intelligence

By utilizing conversational marketing, your business can also personalize their approach and connect with the consumer. It also helps that it adds a friendly touch!

4. More “Authentic” Branding

Over the course of the past year, consumers have expressed a yearning for authentic, and genuine experiences. Consumers have also expressed that they expect brands to be transparent and authentic in their marketing efforts. So how does a tourism business like yours accomplish this? Rely more on emotion and less on the facts! Instead of writing “5 ways to enjoy this destination”, try writing “this is what it is like here, here’s why we love it, and here is how you can experience it too”.

5. Mobile As A Travel Tool

The travel industry has made great strides in creating mobile-ready information for travelers, but there is still work to be done! Tourism businesses and attractions should begin integrating their offerings onto already existing platforms, such as allowing tours to be booked through TripAdvisor.

6. Optimizing Content for Voice Search

With smartphones and AI assistants such as Alexa and Siri, the use of voice search has grown by 187 percent in 2018 and continues to grow according to Canalys reports. With the rise of users searching online using their voice, content marketers are focusing on optimizing their content to match. Most users speak differently than how they would conduct a text search, for example, instead of typing “weather Los Angeles”, a user would ask, “What’s the weather in Los Angeles today?”. Because of this, content marketers would need to optimize their content for voice search by anticipating questions their audience would ask in a conversational manner and create content based on those questions and longtail keywords!

7. Video Marketing

Video marketing has become one, if not the, most important marketing trend! We’ve written about the importance of Video Marketing before, so check it out here. Not convinced? Check out these stats:

• 70% of consumers say they have shared a brand’s video (Wyzowl)

• 72% of businesses say video improves their conversion rate (Invodo)

• 54% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchases (Forbes)

• 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others (Mill for Business)

• Click here for 100+ video marketing stats you need to know in 2020

8. User-Generated Content (UGC)

We’ve written an ultimate guide to User-Generated Content, so be sure to check it out!
UGC is a resource for marketers who want to tap into marketing to Millenials and Gen Z. It’s a great way to source content, building brand awareness and authenticity, and so much more.

9. Influencer Marketing

Yes, influencer marketing will still be a thing in 2020 and there are no signs showing that it will slow down. What we will see in the upcoming year is that this strategy will mature and adapt. In 2020, we will see an increase in paid media budgets for influencers’ posts to better reach their audiences. Also, Instagram will continue to hold the title as the preferred influencer marketing platform, however, TikTok will start to take a part in this market.

10. Improved Security

Customer security has always been an important factor, but as technology continues to advance so does your business’s efforts to keep customer information safe. If a consumer feels that their information isn’t safe on your website, they won’t bother to complete the booking and are unlikely to become a returning customer.

Digital marketing trends and destination marketing trends can be a very tricky thing to watch and implement. That is what AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros is here for! Whether you need answers to your questions, a website built, content marketing or more, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to start capitalizing on these upcoming digital marketing trends.

3 Reasons Your Website is Costing Your Tour or Activity Money

3 Reasons Your Website is Costing Your Tour or Activity Money

Desk Setup
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Small leaks never seem to cause a problem, that it until the water bill comes or you start to find cracks in the wall. As scary as it may seem, this metaphor can apply to your tourism businesses’ website! What might seem like small “leaks” to you, could be leading to a much larger issue. Here are 3 reasons your website is costing your tour or activity money, all just because of small “leaks” in your website.

1. No Booking Software

As a tourism business in the digital world, if you do not have any or have a hard to use booking software, you are losing sales left & right. In a survey done by Redzy, over 60% of Australian & American tour operators said that their website was the most effective booking channel. Without efficient booking software, how many sales do you think your business is currently missing out on? At AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros, we partner with Peek Pro Booking systems when building websites for our clients, and that is because, through optimized booking flow, Peek can increase your bookings by 30%.

2. Not Mobile Optimized

It’s no secret that the amount of traffic on mobile has increased significantly over the years, and it continues to do so! It’s 2019, so it’s time for your business to have a responsive and user-friendly website. Having a “responsive” website means that it can adapt itself to the size of the device it’s being viewed on. If your tourism business doesn’t have a responsive site, your potential customers might be running right into the arms of your competitors. Also, one benefit of having a responsive site is that it helps your business with its search engine optimization!

3. Your Website Isn’t Obvious

When a person first visits your website, a couple of things need to be clear immediately. – What You Do – What Makes You Special When a visitor first comes to your website, the first thing they don’t want to see is vague information, such as “Welcome to Jane’s Tours”. Right from the get-go, tell your visitor what you do, and make sure the design is eye-catching enough to make them stay on your site. Take our website for an example! Clean, easy to read, and we’re clear about what we do right from the beginning!
AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros |
Do you see one or all of these problems on your website? That means it’s time to call in some experts. At AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros, we specialize in building amazing websites, getting businesses’ like yours ranked on Google, and so much more. Contact us today with any questions, or to get started on booking more customers today!
How To Make the Most of Arival Orlando

How To Make the Most of Arival Orlando

Arival | The In-Destination Event

We’ve waited for this moment for a while… Arival Orlando is finally here! Get ready to spend two and a half days networking with some of the biggest companies and brands, learning about new products, and gaining an insane amount of knowledge that will help your tourism business grow! With all of the workshops, speakers, and activities that Arival brings, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. So here are 8 ways to make the most out of your Arival event!

1. Come Prepared To Arival Orlando

Arival Orlando is jam-packed with workshops, speakers, networking opportunities and everything in between. Make sure you’re coming prepared. Bring a way to take notes, plenty of room in your wallet to hold business cards, and tons of business cards for you to hand out. If you come organized and well-prepared, you’ll stand out.

2. Be Ready to Learn

You need to be ready to learn, from the moment you walk through the doors to the moment you leave. There are tons and tons of information available that will be incredibly useful to your business, so much that it might be difficult to remember everything. Take notes however you prefer, and at the end of the day take a chance to process what you have learned.

3. Don’t Miss Out on Networking

If you’re in the tourism business, making connections will help your business grow. It’s not just people who own or work at a tourism business that will be at Arival. There are companies offering services such as marketing, distribution services, booking platforms, and so much more. There are plenty of opportunities during the day and after for you to get to know others in the industry.

4. Sharing is Caring

Be open to receiving advice from others, and help out new businesses by offering some of your insight! Even if there is a chance that the advice you receive may not apply or help, there’s still a chance of you being able to learn something valuable or you can help a fellow tourism lover!

5. Divide & Conquer

There is a lot to see & do, so it’s best not to come solo. Bring 2 – 3 people with you to Arival Orlando, and divide & conquer! Split up to attend different workshops or network, and reconvene to share what you have learned or who you have met.

6. Take Advantage of Demo Labs

Demo Labs are at Arival so you can learn about the latest tech and online platforms from the leading companies in the industry. These Demo Labs show you up close and personal what some of the platforms can do for your business.

7. Make Your Business Stand Out

When networking, you want your business to stand out from the rest but with so many people attending the event, how do you do that?

Start with building a beautiful and functional website that has a booking feature to impress others and vendors with. Also, make sure you’ve got it together! Keep a pen on you always, a fully-charged phone to collect contact information, and professionally designed business cards to hand out like they’re candy (maybe even hand out real candy). Lastly, have fun with it! Enjoy meeting others that share the same passion for tourism as you, absorb all of the new information and insights, find vendors that will work perfectly with your business, and take a moment to relax!

So, there you have it! 7 of our best tips on how to make the most out of your Arival Orlando event. If we’re going to add a 8th tip – it’s to speak with us, AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros, about your digital marketing efforts. Want to know more about how AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros can help your business? Check us out and contact us today!

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10 Reasons Why Call Tracking Should Be Mandatory for Your Tourism Business

10 Reasons Why Call Tracking Should Be Mandatory for Your Tourism Business

woman holding an iphone
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Over 67 percent of marketers recognize that data-driven marketing improves the speed and accuracy of their objective, and also has a dramatic impact on revenue. Call tracking lets you better understand where your call originates from and allows you to collect separate data. For example, call tracking can allow you to see if the call had come from social media versus a direct mail piece, and you can even use call tracking for Adwords to gauge PPC (Pay per click) success. If that isn’t enough to convince you that call tracking is beneficial to your company, here are 10 more reasons why.

1. Tracking ROI

It can be difficult to know which lead sources and marketing materials are converting into revenue. By using call tracking, you can assign each lead source a specific phone number and that way you know which source your calls are coming from.

2. Understanding Your Customer’s Habits

When you track every call your business receives, it’s easy to determine peak times for calls. You can also return calls that were missed even if they haven’t left a message!

3. Easier Reporting

Using a call tracking software produces easy-to-read reports that enable you to track call duration, caller location, number of calls, first-time callers, repeat callers, and so much more. By simply knowing this kind of information and data, you will be able to make more informed decisions about your advertising and even employee performance.

4. Optimizing Call Forwarding

Admit it, when you are unable to reach the right person over the phone and get transferred over and over, it becomes very frustrating. With a call tracking software, this process becomes seamless so you can turn calls into conversions rather than just lost leads.

5. Smarter Marketing Efforts

By using software. That allows you to track your callers’ locations, you can have a better idea of where to increase advertising based on the customer demographics.

6. Call Recordings Are A Valuable Tool

Recording calls can give you the insight needed to improve your business. Listening to recorded calls can help you find your problem areas based on any customer complaints. You can also ensure you never miss a detail from the conversation. Customer satisfaction and your return customer rate will improve.

7. Track Your Customers’ Behavior Online

Call tracking numbers can be used outbound marketing or in your digital advertising. You can track online leads just as easily as any other lead, which is important when the internet is such a vast place. You can track everything including groups or individual online ads, landing pages, and even calls from specific online listings like Yelp.

8. Boost SEO

Tracking your PPC campaign with dedicated call tracking numbers will allow you to see which keywords are performing the best so you can improve your SEO.

9. Compare Marketing Channels

By being able to understand which channels lead to more conversions, you can better plan how to spend your marketing budget.

10. Improve Your Processes

By listening to recorded calls to determine which employees are performing the best or the worst, you can use the recorded calls as a coaching tool to improve your staff’s performance. Call tracking can be a very valuable tool for any brand or business that wants to better understand how customers react to their marketing efforts. The more insight you have into engagement and your customers, the easier it is to target your marketing budget and be able to develop a more efficient strategy. If call tracking seems like something you’d rather not put your hands on, give us a call at AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros. We live, eat, and breathe digital marketing and are able to help your marketing strategies or even just answer some questions you may have!
The Top Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

The Top Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

Marketing Team

The objective of creating a marketing campaign is to maximize your reach to the greatest number of customers for your product. A successful marketing campaign doesn’t happen by accident. It needs to be strategic, well thought out, and include several key components.

Let’s take a look at the list of the most important building blocks contained in any effective marketing campaign.

The Top Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

What can you do to create a successful marketing campaign? Here are the elements you should include to create the best marketing campaign possible.

The Audience

The most important step in planning a marketing campaign is to take the time to clearly define your target audience. The more narrowly you can define your target group, the better. Who are you trying to market to? The answer to this question is the foundation on which you will build the rest of your campaign.

The Content

The content, or value proposition, is where you will be mentioning the problem or issue that your product solves for the potential customer. This step can be the most challenging part of developing your campaign. You understand the product you are wanting to sell, and you’ve clearly defined your target audience, so now the challenge is to determine what the actual content of your marketing campaign should be.

Will it be most effective to use video, social media, a press release, or perhaps a blog when presenting your message? It’s vital to keep your target audience in mind when making these decisions.

The Offer

The offer is the component of your campaign that actually promotes your product. This is the call to action, and you must give the customer a reason to ask for more information. Your offer must be something of value to the target audience, and something only you can give them.

The Delivery Method

The delivery method is the platform by which your message will be distributed. There are many options for accomplishing this, including social media, email blasts, paying for PPC ads, and even by snail-mail. The thing to keep in mind is that different people respond to different forms of contact.

The Follow-up

So, now that you’ve presented your content and offer to the target audience, it’s time to build your relationship with them. Remember, any successful marketing campaign is only as good as your follow-up. Pay close attention to how your audience responds, and continue a dialogue with them until they either opt out or choose to buy.

It’s All About Your Target Audience

Today is an exciting time to be in marketing. Current technology and social media offer innovative techniques for reaching a wider audience than ever before possible. At the same time, because it is so easy to reach so many people, your audience is bombarded with a constant stream of marketing messages.

Creating a successful marketing campaign is about knowing your target audience and then choosing the most effective platform to reach them.

Check out more of our blog posts today to learn more about social marketing services.

10 Things You Can Do To Get More Customers Through The Door

10 Things You Can Do To Get More Customers Through The Door

Where did they go?
Here are 10 things you can do to get more customers through the door.

Offer Free WiFi

In the age of everyone carrying a smart phone and people doing business everywhere you definitely want to be offering your guests free wifi. And if you’re using the Captini platform we can collect names, gender, birth dates, emails, and phone numbers just by having the customer connect.

Use Email & SMS Marketing

You need to start email marketing if you’re serious about getting customers in the door. You can easily start collecting emails and phone numbers using the Captini platform as well as on your website with an optin form. Offer something like a free appetizer or desert in exchange for their email address and phone number. Use these contacts for a newsletter promoting your new menu items, upcoming events and specials. Now don’t be annoying with it. An message once or twice a week will benefit your restaurant and get your customers back through the door.

Offer Birthday Gifts Via Email

With regards to email marketing, capture your customers birthdays when they connect to your wifi or opt-in to your website form and let them know that they will be receiving a special gift on their birthday. When it comes time, email your customers on their birthday with a special coupon for a free appetizer or dessert on the day of their birthday. Most people celebrate their birthday with a big group at dinner. Giving them an incentive to choose your restaurant on their special day can both increase your sales and introduce new people to your restaurant.

Keep A Smartphone In The Kitchen

Having a good smartphone in your kitchen at all times is worthy of your investment. And most people have an old iPhone or Android phone with a pretty good camera on it.  Have your chefs and staff upload pictures in real-time to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms easily and quickly. Customers want to see what’s happening right now, and they want to see pictures. Pictures are an easy source of content to post online to find new customers and get them engaged with your restaurant. This is probably one of the easiest yet most effective things you can do.

Be Active On Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools for restaurant owners as its where your customers are hanging out. Your restaurant needs to be on your customers mind when they are thinking about where to eat. Social media allows you to engage with your customers to keep you on their mind and bring them into your restaurant.

Get To Know Your Regulars

It’s not always about finding new customers that haven’t been to your restaurant. It’s much easier to make more with what you have. Getting to know your regulars on a personal level can greatly benefit your business. By getting to know them you’ll be showing them that you truly do care about them and their experience at your restaurant. We make it easy using Captini VIP. We can notify you when on of your special or loyal customers comes back through the door to allow you to be able to interact and engage your customer. Keeping a customer loyal and getting them back in the door more often can be much more profitable than trying to find new customers.

Use Video To Tell Your Story

Video has a much higher engagement rate than your standard post or picture.  And most social platforms are now built around the idea of broadcasting video. Sooner than later the majority of the content on the internet will be video. There is simply no better option for you to get people excited about dining at your restaurant than with an enticing video. And now with platforms like Facebook and Instagram Live its very fast and easy to show off your brand.  Just make sure you have a plan and that you remember that you are representing your brand.

Optimize Your Website For Local Search

Everyone now uses the internet to search for where to eat out or order online from; and there are a lot of options to choose from. You need to optimize your restaurant for local search and make sure that your local listings are correct across the internet.  This might seem complicated and involved but many places offer this service (us included) for $30-100 a month depending on your needs. otherwise your restaurant’s website will be buried in the never ending list of competitors.

Offer Online Ordering

Who has time to eat out anymore? Unfortunately, not that many people. If your restaurant offers takeout or delivery then you should have an online ordering options on your website. People hate to make phone calls these days, everyone emails and texts. Not to mention answering the phone at your restaurant wastes your staffs valuable time. Make everyone happier by letting your customers order food directly from your website. Make the process even easier by accepting online payments. There are many quality platforms that offer online ordering, and many that integrate with numerous POS systems. We also are a big fan of the platforms like Grubhub, UberEats, and Postmates, just make sure that the costs and fee’s associated make sense for your business.

Get More Reviews

Getting more reviews is very important to being found nowadays.  People find the next place they will eat using platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google +.  So having as many quality reviews and the best ranking possible will majorly help in getting your brand exposure.  People trust reviews, and choosing a restaurant you’ve never been before for a special occasion is taking a big chance. The more reviews you have the more likely people will trust that they’re making a good decision by dining at your establishment, assuming you have mostly good reviews that is. Using the Captini platform you can easily prompt each and every guest to review you on TripAdvisor, as well as all the other major review sites.  This really helps in increasing brand exposure.