8 Photography Tips for Tour Operators

8 Photography Tips for Tour Operators

This one is from my trip to Clermont Ferrand, France that I went on about a month ago. This is a famous graffiti spot that the country funded and it’s called le Chaux.
Photographer: Miha Jan Strehovec | Source: Unsplash

A good photo helps a person be able to relive a memory, in fact it is a souvenir these days. As a tour operator, being able to capture a good photo will help you with creating content for you digital marketing, as well as provide something for your guests! Here are our 8 photography tips for tour operators, tourism businesses, and attractions.

1. Know the Place & Photo Opportunities

As a tour guide, it is your responsibility to know the place you are bringing your guests to. Know the heritage, culture, and to make things better – the best photo ops! Your guests will appreciate you knowing where to take them for the best photo, as well as taking the time to make sure they get a quality photograph.

2. Understand your device

A good photographer understands how to use its device, whether that is an iPhone, or a DSLR camera. If you're using a DSLR camera, it helps to have an understanding of the camera basics (exposure, shutter speed, aperture, etc). However, with technology these days the Auto function can get you some decent photos! If you're using a phone, sepdn some time testing out it's different camera functions.

3. Standing Still & Lighting

You want your guests to have a decent photo, so when you go to take their picture keep two things in mind – stand still and ensure good lighting. If your device has an auto function, it will compensate for the lighting as long as it's not too dark. Also, it seems obvious – but try not to move when taking a photo. Turn yourself into a human tripod, point the camera, make sure everyone is in focus, and click the button!

4. Patience Is Key

You won't get a perfect photo every time, even the worlds best professional photographers know this! Patience is key, especially as a tour guide. Sometimes it may take multiple shots to get the right one, and that's ok. Also, if your tours take guests to a famous location (for example the the Las Vegas Welcome sign) be patient with the crowd, everyone is there for their photo op!

5. Edit the Photos

Editing your photos gives it an extra wow factor. We're not saying you need to Photoshop people out of backgrounds, but adjusting the lighting or throwing a quick filter/preset on will make a huge difference! If you edit your photos the same way each time, this also helps with building your brand and its look.

6. Use Natural Lighting When Possible

Natural lighting is your best friend. As a tour operator or attraction, you can't always be dealing with flashes, soft boxes, and even more gear. A soft natural light is key when it comes to taking a quick, but good quality photo. Try to make sure there are not any harsh shadows on your guests faces when you're taking their photo, and if there is try to find a better spot or angle.

7. Frame It Right

When taking a photo of your guests, make sure to frame the photo right. Don't stand too far back to where you can barely distinguish your guests, and don't be up in their faces either. Try to aim for having at least the upper half of their bodies, with the attraction or tour site behind them in the shot.

8. Keep it Horizontal

For most purposes, hold your camera horizontally. The photos tend to look better, and will work more for a variety of platforms such as Instagram and your website. Plus, it helps capture your guests and the surrounding area that you've taken them to see.

Having good quality photos of your tours or attraction, plus photos of your guests will ensure that you have tons of content! Not only that, but your guests will appreciate the effort, and it helps encourage them to tag your business in their social posts. At AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros, we can help your tourism business or attraction with capturing high-quality photos. If you have any questions or would like us to snap some photos for you, contact us today!

Why Video Marketing Is Important in the Tourism Industry

Why Video Marketing Is Important in the Tourism Industry

74% of all web traffic in 2017 was video-based, and 70% of marketing professionals claim that video is able to convert more than other content. Not only that but according to Caribbean Dream Destinations, 2 out of 3 travelers are watching videos when they are deciding on a trip and related activities. So why is a video so integral in your marketing efforts? Let’s dive a little deeper!

1. It's Expected

At this point, video and film are practically expected by consumers. Customers are using film to research their purchases, and 64% more people buy from websites that have videos explaining their products according to MarketingProfs.

2. Return On Investment

Videos provide ROI. According to MarketingProfs, 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.

3. Reach Your Audience

Video enables you to reach a bigger audience through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. YouTube itself has over one billion users, and every day hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos are watched by consumers!

4. Increase Website Views and Ranking

Your website will benefit from having a video or videos because the average internet user will spend 88% more time on a website with a video than one without. Also, by having a YouTube video on your site, you are 50 times more likely to rank on Google.

So now that you’ve learned how you can benefit from video marketing, what are some ways and styles you can start incorporating video into your marketing tactics?

1. Documentary Style

Documentary style videos help show the consumer what the experience is and helps them visualize themselves in your tour or attraction.

Cable Beach Camel Safari
Deadliest Catch Fisherman's Tour

2. Show Your Customers

Including testimonials in a video help build your credibility and authenticity.

Vegas Rally

3. Short Videos & High Energy 

Short videos with quick cuts and high energy captures attention quickly and are highly shareable. Shorter videos tend to receive more engagement, which helps a business reach a larger audience.

Kansas Hurt Locket Trailer
AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros | Your Destination Marketing Experts

Video is an important tool when it comes to marketing in the tourism industry. Gone are the days where you can post a photo with a review and convince a potential customer to make a purchase. Consumers want transparency and visual proof of what they will be purchasing. All of the videos seen in this blog post were created by our videographer, so if you have questions or want to chat about getting videos for your business, give AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros a call!