Change Your Marketing Strategy: Tips For Attracting Locals

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen devastating effects on the tourism industry. From travel bans to phased re-openings of states & countries, there is no doubt that the tourism and travel industry has been taking a major hit. However, as we start to see destinations and business slowly and cautiously re-open, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It might be a while before the travel industry is fully-recovered and booming again, so one thing that tourism businesses, attractions, and destinations can do to help supplement any revenue loss is to start attracting locals and creating services or tours that cater to their wants and needs. How do you change your marketing strategy? Keep reading for our brief tips on how to change your marketing strategy to attract locals.

1) Re-Adjust Your Message

Take the time to understand your market, and where their concerns are. There is a growing concern and anxiety over the virus. Customers appreciate transparency, so change your tone to be more empathetic of the situation. Ensure that your message discusses what your business is doing to do its best to keep your customers safe and healthy.

2) Local Promotions

Local promotions and discounts are a tried-and-true method of bringing in local customers, as well as encouraging them to share your business with their friends, families, and colleagues.

3) Market As A Staycation

Customers are wary of traveling out of the county, much less out of state! Begin to market your business as a staycation or a nice little getaway to help your community de-stress and take a break from worrying about the pandemic.

4) Change Your Targeting

It may take creating a few new ads, but well worth it. Ensure that your digital marketing ads are set to target your local areas and the right audience for your message. Another note, “local area” doesn’t just mean the city you are located in, it could even go as far as targeting your entire state or small country. It is dependent on your ad budget and objective. If you are not running ads, we highly suggest you start right now and we’re here to help.

5) Partner With Other Businesses

Your tourism business or activity is not alone! Consider coming together to create a campaign that will help address the anxiety in your community, and to help encourage local tourism.

6) Keywords & Locations

Everything you post or put on your website, you should include your location and keywords that rank best for your business. This will help your business in the world of SEO, and help your business be discovered by those searching for something fun to do in your area. Creating and implementing a great SEO strategy can be daunting and intimidating, so if you have any questions about determining your keywords and how to leverage them, contact us at AAMP Agency.

As you can see, local digital marketing isn’t just about one thing or one way, it’s a combination of utilizing different tools, providing relatable content, and implementing different marketing tactics. At AAMP Agency, we can continue down this rabbit hole all day and dive further into digital marketing for your tourism business, but we know you’ve got better things to do! So, for questions or comments, contact the adventure & activity marketing pros today!