Facebook Updates Your Tourism Business Needs To Know About

Photographer: Alex Haney | Source: Unsplash

Right now Facebook is known for its constantly changing updates & algorithms, as well as their new shift towards transparency and user privacy. These changes affect how your tourism business’s ads run, as well as your organic reach and the way your business uses Facebook. Keep reading to find out about the Facebook updates your tourism business needs to know about!

New Business Tools in Messenger

Recently, Facebook has announced some new business tools in Messenger, which will most likely start rolling out later this year. So here is what might be available soon!

Lead Generation Tools

This tool has been in beta-testing for a while, and its an option in Messenger’s template that allows businesses to set up automated, chatbot-like experiences to quickly generate leads. Businesses will also be able to integrate CRM tools to track the leads.

Appointment Booking

Also announced earlier this year, this feature will let businesses integrated their appointment calendar through booking software with Facebook. Your business will then be able to accept appointment bookings through messenger, and its goal is to help businesses convert conversations into purchases/bookings.

Improved Event Reporting

Facebook has mentioned that this feature is on its way and will make it easier for a business using the Messenger platform to report and track conversions. This might include analytics tracking clicks, bookings, and interaction with chatbots. While we don’t have all the details yet, we’ll make sure to update you as soon as we do!

Collaborative & Monetization Features for Instagram & Facebook

Facebook will be releasing new collaborative features for their Stories platform! Which will include the following…

New Collaborative Feature

These will allow multiple accounts that are pre-selected to their own image or video to your story.

Engagement-oriented Reply Feature

This update will allow brands to create a call to action that asks users to submit their own photos and videos!

Monetization & Selling Features

This feature will allow select creators to tag products on Facebook (like on Instagram) and then sell directly.

New Video Publishing Tools

Facebook Live Rehearsals

For those that incorporate Facebook Live, at some point, Facebook will be introducing Live Rehearsals. This feature will let you broadcast your Live feed to page admins and editors only, so you can do a test run and receive feedback. There will also be a “trimming” feature, allowing Live users to cut out the beginning and end of their live replays.

As far as updates, it’s been a little slow so we’re looking forward to these new features! Check back to our blog regularly to keep up with the latest update news, as well as get destination marketing tips. If you have any questions, contact us at AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros, we’re always happy to help!