How to Market Your Travel Business to Young Adults

Any successful marketing strategy for tourism firms depends on how effectively they can communicate with the demographic they are targeting. What appeals to Baby Boomers entering their retirement years may not be as attractive to Gen Z youth straight out of high school, and vice versa. So what considerations should you make when marketing your travel business to people in their early twenties choosing their next travel destination? What are young people interested in, and how can you incorporate that data into your marketing strategy? Here is a brief introduction to the current trends, interests, and worldviews of young people who have just reached adulthood and some tips for effectively reaching them.

Keep Things Photogenic

In the age of social media, the competition to grab attention with attractive visual features has never been greater. This is especially true for travel destinations, many of which are booming in popularity due to their Instagram appeal. Simply relying on good copywriting is no longer enough to gain and retain customers. You need to impress the consumer with high-quality photos that capture the appeal of your destination if your strategy is going to succeed. Set up your own Instagram account and show off your great destinations for even more visual allure.


Social awareness of global problems has increased rapidly due to a variety of factors, most notably the easy access to information via the internet. As an example, young adults are very aware of the hazards of global warming. These youngsters with a deep concern for the environment represent a massive market, and they may be interested in environmental travel and earth-friendly transportation options. Biking and rideshare options, especially with electric vehicles, are important to emphasize. In many locations, there are rental restrictions of vehicles for people in their early 20s. Make sure you can help your customers find a great way to get around.

Young People Do Not Own as Much

Studies have shown young adults own substantially less than older generations, and with the current trend of minimalist lifestyles promoted by influencers like Marie Kondo, many of them prefer to eschew materialism. They are more interested in experiences, and travel and tourism represent some of the most unique and life-changing experiences that can be had. When you sell more than just luxury, you can capture young people’s attention for your travel products. By tapping into the young adult travel market, you open your business up to new growth potential. Take these tips to heart, and your travel business is sure to expand its reach and customer base. Need a little extra help marketing your travel business? Feeling lost? Talk to our experts!