How to Protect Your Tourism Businesses’ Digital Assets

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Today’s business world relies heavily on digital assets like data storage, records, communication, and any files that your company may use for marketing and production, and more. With this much digital content making up your company, you will need to protect it as securely as possible to prevent any breaches or breakdowns! Here are a few ways you can best protect your company’s digital assets and thereby feel confident in your business’s overall security.

Register Your Trademarks

So much of market competition rests on “who owns what”, down to the most specific of details, such as the symbols or symbolic phrases that you want to claim as part of your brand! If you have a fresh idea that sets your company apart as unique and makes your business memorable, registering those brand-making ideas as trademarks is a must! Not only does this signal to consumers and other businesses that your product is something interesting and unique, but it also demonstrates that the company itself is valuable. Furthermore, it increases the amount of protection to yourself if faced with infringement accusations. Keep a safe distance from competitors with this buffer and hold onto the creative elements that constitute your brand’s image and content.

Keep Proof of Ownership

Though it seems unnecessary, you may someday need to prove that you are the owner and founder of your company. If you are ever faced with a situation in which you need to demonstrate your authority over company decisions or even company successes, you will need to provide proof that you were the creator, legally. This proof can manifest in lots of different forms: business emails, official documents of partnerships and resources, IRS forms, and even event details. Keep these in a safe location so that you are prepared to present them whenever necessary.

Backup Files

As technology gets more advanced, unfortunately so do the hackers that attempt to breach and steal important (private) files. Keeping a backup source of any and all of these files is essential. An external hard drive is a secure option that you can physically keep separate from the dangers of online storage. That hard drive becomes like a safe, keeping all your valuable information (customer data, private business plans and financial info, product details, etc) within a literal box that can’t be touched by outside sources.

Increase Cybersecurity Measures

Boost the amount of or quality of cybersecurity measures your digitals systems have. Encryption is a basic way to prevent hackers from even understanding the content they illegally access, as it transcribes your data into a coded version of your file that is only accessible with the proper key. Use firewall systems, antivirus software, control access, and more. The list of available resources is impressive and effective! You may also want to consider hiring outside help! There is an entire industry created and trained to help you with your cybersecurity threats. Outsourcing your cybersecurity can help protect your business from IT threats . These are professionals at battling the viruses that attack and break down your systems, making them (arguably) even more reliable than implementing systems that you don’t entirely know how to work.

Train Your Employees

Make sure your employees are well trained in keeping secret, valuable documents, just that! Allowing employees to use their own computers for company work is convenient, but comes with the risk of their personal technology being hacked when it is on unprotected turf outside your company walls. Implement a routine of protective measures , checks, and protocols that will ensure the safe management of your company content.

Have a Plan of Action in Case of Breaches

There may be an unfortunate accident in which, despite your efforts, your digital assets are still breached. As with any accident, having a backup plan will help you be prepared with the necessary defense, cleanup, and progression resources that your “now” vulnerable company will desperately need. Know who you will communicate with (outsourced partners, branch leaders, IT consultants) and educate yourself with sufficient knowledge of your systems to be able to describe the situation properly. (The more accurate the diagnosis, the more effective the solution.) Rather than scramble to regain control, have an assertive action plan so that you spend less time stressing and more time doing productive work for your business’s healing.

Have Your Own Secure WiFi

Don’t rely on local or cheap WiFi to be a strong enough barrier between your business files and the rest of the world. Invest in the most secure connection available! So much information pours through your digital systems and collections—without a private network, this information is frighteningly easy to dig into. This is a basic step towards the independence and inherent protection that will provide your company with a good basis for secure information.

Use Authentication

Even simple things like the authentication of you and your employees are effective measures for protecting your digital assets from intruders. Don’t underestimate the power of a strong password! In fact, you may want to consider making it a routine for each of your employees to change their passwords every two months or so. Although it makes it a bit trickier to remember, don’t allow personal creative passwords. These make access to your company information as simple as an educated guess. Routine changes, complex (i.e. strong) passwords, and awareness of your privacy will be a major help to ward off the hackers who may test for easy entryways.

Get Insured for Your Digital Content

You can be insured for just about anything, including digital assets. Part of your plan of action may include having this safety net of insured digital content to get you on your feet after damaging attacks that result in financial loss. Keep in mind that any breach of your information may (and likely will) impact your customer’s privacy and your partnerships and employees’ safety! Being prepared with a support system like digital asset insurance will grant you and those associates much-needed confidence.

Make sure that the digitalization of your assets is a successful new age resource, by taking the appropriate measures to secure it fully. You will be more prepared, more reliable, and have more peace of mind!