How to Recruit and Retain the Best Tour Guides

Man and woman walking on a trail

A tour is not complete without a great guide. Your tour guide will be the one who primarily interacts with your clients and will be the face of your business during your customers’ time with you, so this role carries a significant importance.

Hiring a tour guide is not as easy as it looks. In order for this process to be successful, you should know which factors and qualifications to search for.

Let’s take a better look at the steps needed to help you recruit and retain good tour guides:

1. Know exactly what kind of candidate you are looking for.

Building a picture of your perfect candidate will make it easier for you to analyze which factors to consider during the hiring process. Try creating an ideal model in your mind – this will help you to focus on the qualities that hold the most importance to you and to easily separate these traits from the rest. Determine beforehand what kind of personality you would like your tour guides to possess, which values and ideals you would want them to uphold, and what kind of benefits they should be able to bring to your company. Once you have a list of these factors jotted down, the hiring process won’t feel like such a large task.

2. Create a compelling job listing.

A compelling job listing will bring the best applicants straight to you. There will be no need for desperate measures if you can create a job listing that is not only true to your company, but beneficial for your candidates.

Be clear and straightforward with your job description, focus on the positive aspects of the job, ask specific questions that directly answer what you want to know from each applicant, and be sure to let candidates know why they would want to work for you, as well. Do not be too strict with your job requirements as it is possible you may scare good candidates away. Tour guides need to be fun, entertaining, and light, so requiring an equal balance of skills and attitude should do the trick.

3. Post your listing on every job hiring platform.

The hiring process does not happen overnight; it can require patience and time. However, being present on every hiring platform is one of the quickest ways to meet your ideal tour guide. The more listings you post, the higher the chances are of hiring the best candidate. Don’t forget to also try reaching out to your family or friends for possible recommendations.

4. Offer paid training.

More often than not, the best candidates will always apply for the companies that offer paid training. Paid training allows your newly-screened tour guides to grow professionally with security.

It’s also important to remember that training does not end after you’ve hired someone. Hiring them is only the beginning. Your team will continue to learn from you for many months afterwards, so it’s best to start the learning process off in a secure, safe way that does not intimidate or overwhelm them.

5. Supervise them but also let them be themselves.

There is a very thin line between supervision and control, and it is important for you to know the difference. Allow your newly-hired team members to be themselves. Supervising them allows you to correct their mistakes quickly, but being a little loose with them will show them that you trust them and will boost their confidence. Take the time to find a good balance between the two. As a result, your team is sure to love their job even more.

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