How to Write a Compelling ‘About Us’ Page for Your Tourism Business

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When people visit your website for the first time, an aspect that is oftentimes overlooked but can make or break their attention is your ‘About Us’ page. This is true for both business and personal websites. Your ‘About Us’ page is your chance to introduce yourself to your audience, show them who’s behind the screen, and create those first moments of credibility and trust.

In the adventure tourism industry, your bio can speak volumes about your credibility. It is here that potential clients subconsciously decide if your business is the right one for them to support.

Let’s learn more about how to write compelling content for your ‘About Us’ page.

7 Proven Ways to Write a Compelling ‘About Us’ Page

1. Know your audience.

Knowing your audience is imperative in writing compelling content for your website, especially on your ‘About Us’ page. First, determine the type of audience you want to attract, then second, leverage your knowledge to convert them into potential customers. It is crucial to anticipate their unmet needs and to find a compelling way to persuade them that your company can offer a solution.

2. Persuade your audience with your personal story.

There is nothing more engaging than telling a story that people can relate to. It is oftentimes very persuasive when customers can read about and engage with a real-life narrative to help convince them that your services are worth it. Do not rely on facts about your business alone; stir up interest by sharing a personal story.

3. Tell your audience what you stand for.

It is important for you to figure out early on how your company stands out in an industry as saturated as adventure tourism. First, formulate a statement about what you stand for. Second, let your audience know the purpose of your business. Third, let them feel your presence consistently through your statements, posts, content, and more, and make your message bold enough to help them understand the benefits of your services.

4. Show a photo of yourself.

Showing the person behind the business is a quick way to build credibility and trust. The digital world can be a scary place filled with scammers and fraud. You can comfort them easily with photographic proof of your existence.

5. Involve the reader.

Involving your audience and engaging with them are crucial components to building a sustainable relationship with your potential customers. Customers love to engage in activities where they feel acknowledged. Therefore, do not limit your ‘About Us’ page to being all about you. Talk thoroughly and openly about your customers, what they mean to you, and how your services may benefit them.

6. Provide social proof.

Social proof, like testimonials and reviews, bring life to your ‘About Us’ page. This is an effective way for people to learn about what others say about your business and to further build trust. Validation from other individuals is a useful tool to peak the interest of potential customers.

7. Add a ‘Call to Action’ and include a contact link.

Remember, your bio should do what it is supposed to do: Convince potential customers to take action. Your ‘About Us’ page should not be limited to facts about your business; it should also encourage and persuade potential customers to reach out to you.

Start Creating With Us

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