Little Ways Google Affects Your Marketing that You May Not Think Of

Google search engine

Search engines are constantly trying to improve their customer’s experience. When you search for something specific, you want the best and most relevant results to appear. The same principle should be applied to marketing strategies. Google affects your marketing when it comes to user privacy, google maps, and relevance at scale.

User Privacy

Google tracks everything its users do: what websites they visit, how long they visit a specific page, what ads attract their attention, etc. This lack of privacy can be a huge advantage for marketers because they can target customers more specifically. However, it also presents a few challenges. Earlier this year, Google announced new changes to user tracking which prohibits third-party cookies. This increases the money Google makes but also increases the security and confidence in knowing who is tracking your information and what you can do about it.


Google Maps

Google Maps is a powerful tool in helping you market your business. When individuals within a geographical area search for something you offer, you are likely to show up in the search results. High reviews and increased SEO strategy bumps you to the top of the list. It is also important to keep your business’s address up to date so users can find you easily. 52% of mobile users use the Google Maps app for directions. When you claim your listing and update your address with google, you invite free advertising for discovering and finding your business. Talk about the effect google maps can have and how to use it to your advantage.


Relevance at Scale

Technological advances continue to create new opportunities for marketing. One of these advances is with AI and machine learning. With artificial intelligence, Google can help hone in on a customer’s preferences and advertise according to the relevance at scale. This targets a very specific audience with a personalized message, resulting in higher sales volume per marketing effort. This also means that a business needs to take more responsibility for finding their customer niche and fulfilling their specific needs to keep them happy. Google helps to find customers on a smaller scale that are more relevant and therefore increase the success rate.


Google is the most popular search engine out there. Set yourself apart from the rest of the competition by using it to your advantage by utilizing the engine to help with user privacy, Google maps, and relevance at scale. To get started on growing your business or for any questions, reach out to us at