Picking The Right Tourism Marketing Agency

How Do I Pick The Right Marketing Agency For My Tour Business?

I wanted to write a blog post (something I never do) because I hear this question daily. "How do I pick the right marketing agency for my tour business?". We get it! There are a lot of agencies available, and there are some good ones in this tourism industry. So, if you are picking an agency, why should you choose AAMP Agency?

To me, the reason is simple. I am not only running an ad agency, but I am running a million dollar a year tour operation as well. When we started serving tourism clients, a lot of the problems they were dealing with were specific to tour operators. These problems were not something that the local burger place or the dentist up the road we’re dealing with. For us to be successful in the tourism space, I was also going to need to speak the language. This led to the purchase of a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and the creation of Vegas Jeep Tours.

We started up like many of you. With a simple website and $1,000 a month in ad spend. It was not long until tour bookings were coming in and I had soon learned of all the challenges and headaches that many of you face daily. Because we got the first-hand experience, we were able to take everything we were learning from running a tour business and put it into our tourism marketing agency. We discovered answers to problems we had no idea were going to become issues, and we learned that normal marketing strategies that work for the burger shop would not work in getting more tourists through the door.

This was 3-4 years ago and 6 Jeeps, 10 Jet Skis, 2 Boats, 10 Scooters, and 10 Polaris Slingshots ago. We have grown. We figured out very quickly how to get more customers, and how to get them to convert into reservations. We learned how to take one tour business and spin it into 2 good-sized rental/tour operations, as well as a guided tour of the Hoover Dam. All of the knowledge that we have gained has been brought back into AAMP Agency. We are not just talking about good-looking websites or fun videos on your Facebook page. We are talking about taking every single dollar of ad spend and tracking how well that converts into more bookings, and how to scale our marketing and ad spend into something that is much bigger. We are monitoring every phone call, every ad click, every cart abandonment, and optimizing our marketing strategies to make sure that businesses just like yours can continue to grow.

We started with this one simple mission…..to be the best and biggest marketing agency serving the tourism industry in the United States. We are not there yet, but I hope to come back to this blog post in the next coming years and be able to say without a doubt, we are the best in the business. I want to help your tour business get more customers, and my team and I know how to make that happen. If you would like to hear just how we do that, schedule a discovery call with us. I hop on almost every single one as I am just as excited about growing your business as I am mine. Let’s Go!

– Stephen Edwards, Owner Of AAMP Agency & Vegas Jeep Tours

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