10 Reasons Why Call Tracking Should Be Mandatory for Your Tourism Business

10 Reasons Why Call Tracking Should Be Mandatory for Your Tourism Business

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Over 67 percent of marketers recognize that data-driven marketing improves the speed and accuracy of their objective, and also has a dramatic impact on revenue. Call tracking lets you better understand where your call originates from and allows you to collect separate data. For example, call tracking can allow you to see if the call had come from social media versus a direct mail piece, and you can even use call tracking for Adwords to gauge PPC (Pay per click) success. If that isn’t enough to convince you that call tracking is beneficial to your company, here are 10 more reasons why.

1. Tracking ROI

It can be difficult to know which lead sources and marketing materials are converting into revenue. By using call tracking, you can assign each lead source a specific phone number and that way you know which source your calls are coming from.

2. Understanding Your Customer’s Habits

When you track every call your business receives, it’s easy to determine peak times for calls. You can also return calls that were missed even if they haven’t left a message!

3. Easier Reporting

Using a call tracking software produces easy-to-read reports that enable you to track call duration, caller location, number of calls, first-time callers, repeat callers, and so much more. By simply knowing this kind of information and data, you will be able to make more informed decisions about your advertising and even employee performance.

4. Optimizing Call Forwarding

Admit it, when you are unable to reach the right person over the phone and get transferred over and over, it becomes very frustrating. With a call tracking software, this process becomes seamless so you can turn calls into conversions rather than just lost leads.

5. Smarter Marketing Efforts

By using software. That allows you to track your callers’ locations, you can have a better idea of where to increase advertising based on the customer demographics.

6. Call Recordings Are A Valuable Tool

Recording calls can give you the insight needed to improve your business. Listening to recorded calls can help you find your problem areas based on any customer complaints. You can also ensure you never miss a detail from the conversation. Customer satisfaction and your return customer rate will improve.

7. Track Your Customers’ Behavior Online

Call tracking numbers can be used outbound marketing or in your digital advertising. You can track online leads just as easily as any other lead, which is important when the internet is such a vast place. You can track everything including groups or individual online ads, landing pages, and even calls from specific online listings like Yelp.

8. Boost SEO

Tracking your PPC campaign with dedicated call tracking numbers will allow you to see which keywords are performing the best so you can improve your SEO.

9. Compare Marketing Channels

By being able to understand which channels lead to more conversions, you can better plan how to spend your marketing budget.

10. Improve Your Processes

By listening to recorded calls to determine which employees are performing the best or the worst, you can use the recorded calls as a coaching tool to improve your staff’s performance. Call tracking can be a very valuable tool for any brand or business that wants to better understand how customers react to their marketing efforts. The more insight you have into engagement and your customers, the easier it is to target your marketing budget and be able to develop a more efficient strategy. If call tracking seems like something you’d rather not put your hands on, give us a call at AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros. We live, eat, and breathe digital marketing and are able to help your marketing strategies or even just answer some questions you may have!