What to Know About Multi-Day Tours

What to Know About Multi-Day Tours

For years now, multi-day tours have gradually risen in popularity. It is now not only commonplace, but expected for tourism businesses to offer special grouped deals, offering several destinations and itineraries mixed together as one jam-packed experience. Multi-day tours have more to offer for less money than if you were to purchase the different adventures separately, and they are oftentimes considered more unforgettable simply because you have more time to enjoy them.

In every kind of vacation, preparation is essential. Multi-day tours establish a safer, more secure way of traveling because they are organized, planned, and often done in groups.

In this article, you will learn more about multi-day tours, including what to consider when creating one and what to include.

What is a Multi-Day Tour?

Multi-day tours are a tour option that lasts for more than one day. In order to successfully plan a multi-day tour, here are a few things to be aware of:

1. You may need a Tour Guide.

A tour guide is a necessary component for your multi-day tour. Your guide will be the one to help your guests immerse themselves into the culture, activities, and experiences of the area. Tour guides help to organize the events and help guests to make the most out of their allotted time.

On the other hand, guests who seek freedom and privacy throughout their tour may find it best to book a self-guided tour. Self-guided tours allow guests to flex their organization, planning, and decision-making skills. Some people find it more rewarding to engage in this kind of tour because 1) they are free to decide what to do with their extra time, 2) they do not have to engage in activities that do not interest them, and 3) they can budget their money more to their liking. Self-guided multi-day tours are best for guests who feel knowledgeable and comfortable enough to fully immerse themselves into the area without any extra assistance.

As responsible tour operators, it is important to learn how to gauge guests’ different needs and to help them determine which tour option would be best for them.

2. Create the best schedule you can ahead of time with your knowledge of the area.

As with any other kind of tour, there are certain months or “peak seasons” when multi-day tours may be more popular than usual. As the tour operator and as the expert of the area, it is up to you to find the right time/best time of day/best season to schedule your tours and to plan accordingly with your guests’ best interest and safety in mind. This is a large responsibility and not to be taken lightly.

3. Consider creating a custom tour option.

Guests are more likely to return if their tour meets or surpasses their expectations. An easy way to satisfy your customers is to tailor their tours to their liking and to accommodate them as much as possible. This is why you may want to consider creating a custom tour option.

Based on your own judgement, tour operators should determine which aspects of the tour that guests may have some control over, and then decide to what extent guests may alter their itinerary. Customization can help guests feel more involved, which in turn may make them feel more satisfied with their overall experience. Creating custom experiences for your guests will make their tour feel special and will help your company stand out from the competition.

4. Take into account the distance between multiple tour destinations.

Multi-day tours usually involve complex itineraries and multiple locations. Something important to consider when creating a multi-day tour is the distance between destinations. Being mindful of travel time and transportation will help you estimate how much of the schedule should be allotted to each destination and will help you plan out activities.

5. Prepare for emergencies.

When out in terrain, your tour guide may be the only source of help and safety during an emergency. Make sure you’re prepared for worst case scenarios at all times. It is better to be over prepared than under prepared when it comes to these situations. It is the tour operator’s responsibility to assess the environment’s safety before each tour and to cancel/reschedule tours if need be.

What is included in a Multi-Day Tour?

Multi-day tours should include multiple activities, new experiences, and a well-planned itinerary. Some things to consider include:

1. Ground transportation

To create a smooth and seamless experience, it is thoughtful to include ground transportation or a shuttle service if short or difficult transportation is necessary. Not all tour operators offer this kind of service, but it is a nice touch that would definitely help your company stand out from the competition.

2. Tour Guide

As mentioned previously, a large factor to consider in planning a multi-day tour is the choosing of your tour guides. Your tour guides will serve as your company’s face and will help facilitate throughout the entirety of the tour. This is an important choice, and can make or break the success of the experience.

3. Hotel accommodations

If hotel accommodations are necessary to be added to your multi-day tour, it is important to have the logistics and scheduling of this sorted out in advance.

4. Meal packages

When it comes to multi-day tours, meals are often included in the package. Be sure to work food and drinks into your budget, and to consider meal times when creating the schedule.

5. Custom activities

Multi-day tours can also include activities specifically added at the request and additional charge of your guests. Think about what you’d like to offer as an add-on for your tour, and the logistics of how you’d successfully and smoothly provide these additions.

Promote Your Multi-Day Tour

Creating a successful multi-day tour does not happen overnight. It requires attention to detail, large scale planning, and many moving parts. However, once complete, it could be quite rewarding to create a business through introducing others to some of your favorite destinations and activities.

Let us help you get your dream off the ground. Our skilled team here at AAMP Agency is available to answer your questions, and to help create a marketing plan perfect for you and your needs. Schedule a consultation with us today, and take your business to the next level.

3 Tips for Adding Social Media Into Your Destination Marketing Plan

3 Tips for Adding Social Media Into Your Destination Marketing Plan

Smiling woman on a beach

Using social media to market dream destination activities and services is a great idea. For you, social media can be such a great tool because it’s all about pictures, and posting pictures of beautiful exotic places draws people in. Thinking about some of these steps will help you maximize your social media marketing’s potential.

Establish Your Customer’s Personas

One of the first steps you should take when it comes to marketing your destination services is to think carefully about your customers . Are the activities you do geared mainly towards young families? Young professionals? Students? School groups? As you think carefully about the specific audiences that you are trying to resonate with, it will become easier to figure out the best marketing strategies to use.

Post Consistent Content

As you start to tailor your target audience, you’ll be able to gear your content towards them more specifically. But even with good content, you aren’t likely to make a lot of headway with your social media if you don’t post consistently. Posting consistently is very important to help draw authentic leads to your business .

When users stumble upon your content from various methods, there should be enough content to scroll through to convince them that your account is worth following. If they do decide to follow you, make sure that you keep delivering regular great content so they stay.

Make Quality Content

As an expert in the tourism industry in your particular area, you have a wealth of knowledge that could be incredibly beneficial to prospective travelers. Figure out a way to take that knowledge and produce content that maximizes it. As you think about the different activities or spots you want to post about, consider what the right medium is to do so.

For incredibly beautiful beaches or hikes, you should lean towards pictures or videos to draw users in visually. For tips and tricks on maneuvering a city that is less than car-friendly, you might want to post a slide deck.

As you figure out your social media marketing approach, incorporating these ideas will help you get off the ground. But continue to keep careful tabs on your different metrics to know how things are going and which things are working. Having this data will help you pivot quickly and jump on new opportunities.

Change Your Marketing Strategy: Tips For Attracting Locals

Change Your Marketing Strategy: Tips For Attracting Locals

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen devastating effects on the tourism industry. From travel bans to phased re-openings of states & countries, there is no doubt that the tourism and travel industry has been taking a major hit. However, as we start to see destinations and business slowly and cautiously re-open, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It might be a while before the travel industry is fully-recovered and booming again, so one thing that tourism businesses, attractions, and destinations can do to help supplement any revenue loss is to start attracting locals and creating services or tours that cater to their wants and needs. How do you change your marketing strategy? Keep reading for our brief tips on how to change your marketing strategy to attract locals.

1) Re-Adjust Your Message

Take the time to understand your market, and where their concerns are. There is a growing concern and anxiety over the virus. Customers appreciate transparency, so change your tone to be more empathetic of the situation. Ensure that your message discusses what your business is doing to do its best to keep your customers safe and healthy.

2) Local Promotions

Local promotions and discounts are a tried-and-true method of bringing in local customers, as well as encouraging them to share your business with their friends, families, and colleagues.

3) Market As A Staycation

Customers are wary of traveling out of the county, much less out of state! Begin to market your business as a staycation or a nice little getaway to help your community de-stress and take a break from worrying about the pandemic.

4) Change Your Targeting

It may take creating a few new ads, but well worth it. Ensure that your digital marketing ads are set to target your local areas and the right audience for your message. Another note, “local area” doesn’t just mean the city you are located in, it could even go as far as targeting your entire state or small country. It is dependent on your ad budget and objective. If you are not running ads, we highly suggest you start right now and we’re here to help.

5) Partner With Other Businesses

Your tourism business or activity is not alone! Consider coming together to create a campaign that will help address the anxiety in your community, and to help encourage local tourism.

6) Keywords & Locations

Everything you post or put on your website, you should include your location and keywords that rank best for your business. This will help your business in the world of SEO, and help your business be discovered by those searching for something fun to do in your area. Creating and implementing a great SEO strategy can be daunting and intimidating, so if you have any questions about determining your keywords and how to leverage them, contact us at AAMP Agency.

As you can see, local digital marketing isn’t just about one thing or one way, it’s a combination of utilizing different tools, providing relatable content, and implementing different marketing tactics. At AAMP Agency, we can continue down this rabbit hole all day and dive further into digital marketing for your tourism business, but we know you’ve got better things to do! So, for questions or comments, contact the adventure & activity marketing pros today!

To Promote Their Destination During The COVID-19 Pandemic, “Dear Belize” Offers A Free Trip for Two

To Promote Their Destination During The COVID-19 Pandemic, “Dear Belize” Offers A Free Trip for Two

“Dear Belize” Campaign Offers A Free Trip for Two To Promote Their Destination During The COVID-19 Pandemic

On May 6th, 2020, the Belize Tourism Board had announced a giveaway as part of their “Dear Belize” campaign. The virtual postcard campaign’s goal is to inspire future traveling to Belize, following the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the next few weeks, those entering must submit a video to win a free trip to Belize once it is safe to travel again.

For anyone wanting an amazing getaway to Belize, participants must create a short video explaining why they love the Central American/Caribbean destination, and a winner will be selected at random. The Dear Belize team will be taking advantage of the user-generated content, and sharing their favorite submissions across all of their social media platforms!

The prize includes a free eight-day trip for two Belize, which includes roundtrip airfare, luxury accommodations, and an opportunity to experience rainforests, stunning waterfalls, historic Mayan ruins, and more. Belize is also home to the largest Barrier Reef in the Northern Hemisphere and has an incredibly wide range of eco-activities, lodgings, and cultural offerings.

The requirements for participants are simple and can be found here!

iWerx Connect Has Been Acquired by AAMP Agency

iWerx Connect Has Been Acquired by AAMP Agency

Same Team, Same Mission, Just AAMPed Up

If you haven't heard the news just yet, we're excited to announce that iWerx Connect has been acquired by AAMP Agency, the Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros! Don't worry! We're still the same team with the same knowledge & passion for great design, engaging content, and awesome digital marketing. We are making this wonderful transition to better provide our marketing services to the tourism & destination industry. The team at AAMP Agency couldn't be more excited about this acquisition, and we are eternally grateful for the work we have accomplished during our time at iWerx Connect.

iWerx Connect had a humble beginning in Minot, North Dakota. In the year 2008, Steven Edwards and his business partner had combined their expertise to start a simple company providing indoor advertising for local businesses. Eventually, as Minot grew, iWerx Connect had grown with it too and began offering services such as website development, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Social WiFi. While iWerx Connect had a promising future in Minot, the company owners have a passion for the tourism industry they couldn't ignore. By July 2017, iWerx Connect had relocated to Las Vegas, NV and was kicking up a digital marketing storm in the tourism and destination marketing business. By 2019, iWerx Connect had successfully partnered with a vast number of tour operators, destinations, restaurants, and more all the way from the Bahamas to the San Diego Bay. Our continuous growth and mission to provide the best digital marketing to the tourism industry caught the eye of AAMP Agency, and at the beginning of 2020, iWerx Connect had been acquired.

Now, freshly acquired, what is AAMP Agency? AAMP stands for the Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros, and that is just what we were and will remain to be. Like any business that has been acquired and in a new partnership, our team is growing, our services will continue to expand, and our reach is as big as ever. For the team at AAMP Agency, it's full speed ahead. Our focus has remained the same, provide undeniably awesome digital marketing to the tourism industry, however, we've just got more power and resources available now. So what does that mean for you? Well, nothing bad at all and everything good. We've got more resources, and we use those to help grow your business even further. We've got an expanding team, which means more ideas and more people to handle your digital marketing needs. While we may have a new name, new look, and even a few new team members, we've still got the same passion that we had when iWerx Connect was first established. So… meet the team!

Steve Edwards | CEO

Steve founded iWerx Connect in 2008 and grew his marketing agency from the ground up. When he's not focused on running a highly-successful marketing business, you can catch him cycling, trying the latest foodie trend, or on a beach in Hawaii. Steve has a passion for tacos, reggae music, and all things tourism-related!

Jaden Cymbaluk | Director of Business Development

Jaden is the Director of Business Development and leads in client acquisitions & partnerships by day. By night, he becomes D-Jaden and is rocking nightlife, dance floors, weddings, and corporate events everywhere. He enjoys traveling & sports, he's the hostess with the mostest, and being a family man is what he does best. His passion is working with all of our clients in growing their businesses!

Ward Woods | Creative Director

No marketing agency is complete without a creative director steering the ship. Ward is here to oversee every aspect of a project, whether it's a new website or a marketing campaign. When he's not at AAMP Agency, he's spending his time with his loved one, Jacquelyn, and their two dogs, Odus & Brother. He also makes time to create artwork, travel, make videos, take photographs, and participate in recreational activities such as surfing & snowboarding!

Jana Byrn | Copywriter & Social Media Coordinator

Jana is here to provide all clients with written copy that sells and builds their brand. Not only that, but at AAMP Agency, she manages social accounts, creates marketing campaigns, and works her SEO magic on websites. In her free time, you can find her photographing food & people, hanging out with her two dogs, or picking up whatever hobby suits her interest at the moment.

Alyx Thomas | Social Media Coordinator

Alyx is a true social media extraordinaire! She manages social accounts, creates effective ads, and brings awesome ideas to the table! When she's not at AAMP, shes cooking, spending time with her kittens, exploring places with her friends, or enjoying live music at a concert or festival!

Meghan Meredith | Project Manager

Meghan is the organized person in the office that has the difficult task of reigning in a creative team. When the rest of us are feeling creative, she puts us on track and set us and our clients up for success. When you're a client of AAMP Agency, there is no doubt that you'll be communicating with her! When she's not working, you can find her hiking, spending time with friends, or playing with her pet ferrets.

Theeraphat Tickahorn | Website Developer

Theeraphat (Also known as T) is a recent addition to AAMP Agency! Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, but now living in Las Vegas, T became interested in website design after discovering W3C web standards in 2007. He had earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design & New Media at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. He is extremely passionate about web development and design in all its forms, and he enjoys writing code & researching new web technologies.

Kevin Uribe – Google Ad Words Specialist

Kevin is our Google Ad Words Specialist at AAMP Agency, meaning he has a vast knowledge of Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC). He sets up advertising campaigns on Google Search, Google Display Partners, & Google Mobile Ads, conducts keyword research, and so much more. In his free time, you can find him spending time with his family, playing baseball, hiking, or cooking up something delicious on a grill.

Brian Huynh | Digital Sales Specialist

Brian is also a new addition to the AAMP Agency, and he's here to help tourism businesses find digital marketing solutions that work best for them. He'll talk about digital marketing for as long as you let him! When he's not speaking with potential and new clients at AAMP, he's working with Amazon or spending his time snowboarding, hiking, or chilling with his dog and 2 cats.

While our team may seem small, it is made up of hardworking employees with a wide range of skill sets. When all of our skills are combined, we are so dang mighty that we can cover all of the bases of your digital marketing needs. From website development to SEO, to social media marketing, to videography & photography. We're here to help your tourism business, destination or attraction grow to lengths you didn't even know could be possible. We accomplish this by combining our burning passion for everything tourism related with our extensive knowledge of digital marketing, helping your brand cross digital oceans.

We are AAMP Agency, the adventure and marketing pros, and we're pleased to meet you.