Top 10 Tours in Oahu, Hawaii

Photographer: Channey | Source: Unsplash

Looking to head to the island of Oahu in Hawaii? We wish we could say the same (cough* Steve, give us time-off please cough*) Oahu is a major hub of Hawaii and one of the most visited islands. It’s home to a large amount of heritage and history, features some of the best bites of food you can find, pristine beaches, and even something for the adrenaline junkies. Oahu is small enough for you to get the beach town vibe everywhere you go, but also large enough to host a plethora of activities. We’ve picked out tours for everyone, so read on to find out the Top 10 Tours in Oahu!

For the Historian

1. Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese Empire had attacked Pearl Harbor, resulting in the United States declaring war against Japan. This 5-hour tour will pick you up from your hotel, skip the long lines, and explore the restored Pearl Harbor attraction with a small group. You will learn more about the events that led to the US joining WWII, see the famous USS Arizona Memorial, and visit a few of the most memorable museums.

US Navy sailor at the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I love the silhouette of the sailor against the stark white of the memorial. I was fortunate to capture his profile as he walked past.
Photographer: Ryan Parker | Source: Unsplash

2. Polynesian Culture Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center has been voted as Oahu’s #1 Tourist Destination. Here, you will get to immerse yourself in Polynesian culture and their history. From crafts, way of life, music, food, and even amazing shows, this is a spot you should never miss when visiting Oahu.

Photo by the Polynesian Cultural Center

For the Adrenaline Junkie

3. Zipline and Farm Tour

Spend a day riding ATVs through the forest, and zip lining hundreds of feet over mountains and forests. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of some of Oahu’s best beaches, its lush jungles, and beautiful mountains. Once you’re done ziplining on its 8 different lines, you’ll be given a tour of the Keana Farms!

Photo from Climbworks

4. Swim with Sharks

Hawaii Shark Encounters allows you to get up close to a few species of sharks! You will get to equip a snorkel and dive down into a cage, while Sandbar sharks, tiger sharks, and more swim around you. Hawaii Shark Encounters wants to show its customers that sharks are friends, and they’re not all deadly like the animatronic in JAWS.

Photo from Hawaii Shark Encounters

5. ATV Tour at Kualoa

Head to Kualoa to hop into an ATV and speed around all different terrains! From crossing streams, driving through mud, and seeing the “Jurassic” Valley up close, this tour is perfect for anyone looking to have an adventure!

Photo from

For the Nature Lover

6. Whale Watching

Set sail early in the morning and witness these majestic creatures swimming (and hopefully jumping) in the waters of Oahu! While it’s never guaranteed that you’ll see a whale, it’s worth the shot if you’re in Oahu during whale season (January – April)!

Dive! Pacific humpback whale tail (flukes)...
Photographer: Andrew Bain | Source: Unsplash

7. Diamond Head Adventure Hike

Immerse yourself in the nature of Oahu by taking a 45-minute adventure hiking tour up to the top of Diamond Head, a volcanic formation. Once you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning, 360-degree view of the island!

Photographer: Johnny Sun | Source: Unsplash

8. Kayak & Snorkel Eco-Adventure

With this self-guided kayak and snorkel discovery package, you can explore Kane’ohe Bay on your own, and go at a pace you’re comfortable with. If you would prefer, you can also join a group for a guided tour with their highly-trained & certified staff. This tour is perfect for nature-loving tourists, and what’s a trip to Hawaii without swimming with marine life?

Photo from Kayak & Snorkel Eco-Adventures

For the Foodie

9. Hole-in-the-Wall Foodie Tour

Taste, touch, and visit local & authentic Hawaiian spots! You will be bussed around in a luxury van, while an informative guide teaches you about all of the Hawaiian food. You’ll get a chance to try dishes like Poi, Lau-Lau, Kalua Pork, and so much more!

Photo from Hawaii Food Tours

10. Hawaiian Style Cooking Classes

If you’re the ultimate foodie and want to take something back home with you, Hawaiian recipes and cooking knowledge are something that you’ll cherish forever! With Chef Linda guiding you, you will be provided with all of the ingredients and equipment you need. She’ll share delicious Hawaiian recipes and teach you how to cook them properly!

Photo from Hawaiian Style Cooking Classes

There you have it, our top 10 tours on the island of Oahu! Whether you’re looking for an adventure, wanting to learn about Hawaiian culture, or are wanting to stuff your face with delicious food, Hawaii has everything! There is more to do than just lounging on beautiful beaches, so book one of these (or several) tours and go explore!