Where to Celebrate National Pasta Day in Orlando

At AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros we're really just a team of people obsessed with anything tourism & food-related. So if you're in Orlando for National Pasta Day (October 17th) here is where you need to drown yourself in delicious, saucy carbs. If you go for a brisk walk after, it's just carb loading right? Make Michael Scott proud!

Trevi Pasta

2120 Edgewater Dr
Orlando, FL 32804

This hole-in-the-wall spot is insanely loved by the locals of Orlando, and rightfully so. Earning the #1 spot on the best pasta places on Yelp, Trevi Pasta will transport you to Italy. Its quaint interior, tiny Italian market, creamy gelato, and fresh, handmade pasta will put you in carb heaven.

Ciao Italia Ristorante Italiano

6149 Westwood Blvd
Orlando, FL 32821

Photo from Yelp

Romantic ambiance + authentic pasta = perfect spot for National Pasta Day!

At first glance from the outside, one tends to think it's another random pasta joint that's tucked away behind a sports bar. However, once you step through their doors, linen-covered tables and classic Italian decor set the mood. The menu is extensive and features a variety of classic dishes!

Cala La Pasta

Photo from Cala La Pasta Facebook Page

Want pasta on the go? Cala La Pasta is your stop! This food truck sets the breaks in different locations and whips up delicious bowls of pasta! They update their Facebook with their current location, so find them here.

So we gave you three of the best pasta spots in Orlando, Florida, one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. Which one will you be heading to first? Let us know in the comments!

AAMP Agency | Adventure & Activity Marketing Pros on National Pasta Day