Why (and How) Your Attraction Should Be Using Pinterest


When you hear “social media marketing” do you automatically jump to Facebook and Twitter? While these platforms are beasts when it comes to marketing, don’t forget about Pinterest! Yes, it is full of DIY projects people never actually finish and gross zucchini noodle recipes, but it is also a perfect platform for businesses that are in the tourism industry. According to a study conducted by Ahalogy, 67% of Pinterest users are under the age of 40 and 35% of users have a household income over 100k, meaning these households most likely have disposable income. Also, nearly 25% of pins are travel and trip planning related! If those numbers alone don’t convince you to get on Pinterest, let’s dive a little deeper into why and how you should be pinning.

Why Your Attraction Should Be On Pinterest

Longer Shelf Life and Shared Content

Your content on Pinterest will have found the fountain of eternal youth and will live on forever! Ok, maybe it's not exactly like that. However, produce high-quality, evergreen content and it will have a longer shelf life than it would on other social platforms. With the search and discovery powers of Pinterest, ideally, your pins will be shared continuously.

Referral Traffic

According to Shareaholic, around 5% of referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest. Meaning businesses with great content on Pinterest have the ability to drive conversions and visits to their websites. To accomplish this, we highly suggest ensuring all of your pins and your website is optimized.

Planned Trips

As stated earlier, nearly 25% of pins are travel related. The days of using a travel agency are over, and Pinterest has stepped in to be everyone's personal travel agent. Pinterest has grown to be a site that is most used for trip planning, so it only makes sense that your tourism business is posting your content to the site.

How To Get Pinning

Step One – Create Your Account

Make sure all of your information is filled out correctly, and that your profile picture accurately depicts your business or is your company's logo.

Step Two – Get On Board!

After you have added your profile photo and account information, it’s time for you to start creating your Pinterest boards. We suggest creating at least three boards, and these boards will depend on your company and what you offer. Some ideas for your boards could be your tours, products or places your company loves, and blogs. One of our favorite accounts to look at for inspiration is Expedia.

Expedia's Pinterest Profile

Step Three – Put a Pin In It

When adding a “pin” make sure to use a high-quality image that has a text overlay. There are multiple dimensions that work on Pinterest, but the most suggested one is 736 x 1102 pixels. Once you load your image, make sure your post is optimized by adding a title, description, and link. Ensure there is a keyword or two in the pin, and get to posting! Remember when pinning to ensure you are using high-quality photos, and studies show that users respond more to photos without any faces in them. Also, take some time to engage with other users by commenting on highly shared pins, responding to messages, and re-pinning other users and influences.

An example of a "Pin" from Expedia

Pinterest is still a relatively new platform when it comes to digital marketing, and now is a great time to get your tourism business on it. It's perfect for spreading brand awareness, interacting with influencers, and sharing your content. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at AAMP Agency!